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Monday, April 1, 2019

Neal Adams: Sketches as Fine Art

Neal Adams. Nuff said!


  1. Oh, yeah. Beautiful stuff. He may be somewhat questionable as a writer, but Adams has never lost his touch in the art department.

    When I initially glanced at the first Conan image, I thought to myself, 'why is he holding a mop?' Then I examined it a little more closely...

    1. Ha! Yeah, I don't know if that image was cropped at the source, or if it's how Adams originally drew it. We're probably better off in keeping it PG-13.


  2. Neal's paintings for the Tarzan paperbacks were epic!

  3. Love that second pic, looking up at the Batman.
    Generally though, I find Adam's more recent work doesn't quite have the finesse of his heyday. But its still pretty good of course.
    As for his writing... c'mon - whats not to like about the Batman on a pterodactyl?



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