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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ramona Fradon - A Gallery of Super Friends

I will be the first to state that I don't have any of Ramona Fradon's work in my collection. I'll also be the first to state that I'm not sure why that is, other than I think I've just missed her here and there. I've read some Aquaman comics, but they were penciled by Jim Aparo and Mike Grell. I've read some Metamorpho, but generally only within the confines of the Brave and the Bold (Aparo, again). As a kid, I rarely missed Super Friends; but I was not a reader of the monthly comic of the same name. So my interests certainly check a lot of boxes in which Fradon did some art. Yet our paths haven't crossed.

Today let's rectify that. Enjoy the nifty sketches and little of Fradon's original art. Much gratitude to the collector's who post such things so that we can all appreciate her talent.




  1. Love Fradon. I was a pretty regular reader of the Super Friends comic for a time, so I was pretty familiar with her work early on.
    She's had quite a long and fascinating career by the way. If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading two interviews with her, one in Comic Book Artist #10, which is more of a round table discussion between her, the equally great Marie Severin and Trina Robbins, and in Comic Book Creator #13, in which she talks about pretty much her entire life. Very fascinating reading, and the electronic (pdf) versions can be found pretty cheaply at the TwoMorrows site.

    1. Thanks, Edo. The folks at TwoMorrows do an incredible service to the work of creators, and toward increasing the knowledge and appreciation across fandom. I love almost all their publications.


    2. Such a joy to see such wonderful comic book art. Ramona's 70s Plastic Man series was a big favourite of mine back in the day

  2. I love her work. I wish more contemporary comics were in this style.


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