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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez: Worthy of Praise

On the Internet, you know, this man to your left is referred to as Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Praised Be His Name). I don't know about that, but that the man has supreme talent - yes! What we have here today are images from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. The entire document is available online, and has been for years. It's a wonderful collection of both color and (what you see here today) black & white illustrations. These were designed as marketing art, tutorials for new artists, etc. In some cases Garcia-Lopez drew characters in front, back, and 3/4 turns. In other drawings, the characters are in action. At times, supporting cast members are shown. It's really a phenomenal hodge podge of all things DC near the conclusion of the Bronze Age of comics.

And in most cases, the heroes are smiling. Smiling! How uncharacteristic is that in modern comics. Personally, I'd like a little less moody, and a bit more teeth showing! In each sample below, I find myself saying "this is how these characters should look".

I've uploaded less than half of the B&W illustrations for today's tour. At some point in the future we'll get back into this. I didn't want to overload your "whoa...!" today. And leave a comment below if you have a favorite JLGL-illustrated story. I'll put my money on the Superman vs. Wonder Woman Limited Collector's Edition.








  1. Ah, yes. Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) - the artist so great that he needs four names, and it still doesn't quite seem like enough. And of course people say 'praised be his name,' for it is indeed worthy of praise. His work is simply among the most perfectly beautiful comic book art ever created.
    Favorite story? Not sure. Recently I just (re)read the Deadman stories he drew in Adventure Comics and DC Comics Presents, all very good as well. Maybe one of those? Or maybe just the Batman vs. the Hulk crossover - the one that makes you wish he wasn't so exclusively tied to DC and had done some work for Marvel as well.

  2. Oh man, great stuff. The John Romita of DC (or was Romita the Garcia-Lopez of Marvel?). Sharp, clean, beautifully designed.

    Favorite stories? Edo mentioned the Deadman stories so I'll go with his work on DC Comics Presents. A good venue for his ability to draw anyone...

  3. Aaugh! Long comment got deleted!

    Shorter: Fave story changes, but today Superman 347 with Superman and Lois dancing.

    Fave cover has to be the Action 484 one for the story of Earth-Two Superman and Lois getting married.

    I wish he had drawn a JLA/JSA team-up tabloid.

  4. Garcia-Lopez always did fantastic work - hardly surprising DC chose him for their style guide.
    My fave of his - perhaps somewhat at odds with the line you take on smiles in your intro, Doug - is the DC mini-series Twilight, written by the mighty Howard Chaykin. Unjustly overlooked at the time, but currently (I think) in print in a collected edition. Well worth checking out.



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