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Monday, May 27, 2019

That Cape... An Appreciation of Marshall Rogers

Love, love, love Marshall Rogers's rendition of The Batman. I was in on the legendary Englehart/Rogers/Austin Detective Comics run. Although I did not have the entirety of that masterpiece, I did have the "Joker fish" issue, and maybe two others. Fabulous!

Rogers is of course best known for the seemingly-endless cape sported by our hero. "No capes!" was not a slice of advice toward which Rogers's Bruce Wayne adhered. Instead, he seemed to have a garment that flowed (sometimes endlessly) in its own way, depending on how much room was in the panel.

I am happy to own the Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers hardcover. In addition to the aforementioned 'tec run, it also reprints the Batman: Dark Detective mini-series and some other goodies. There is a newly-issued version of this material; I'd recommend any collection you can get yer mitts on!

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  1. Doug, you never fail to find some excellent artistic examples! And today is no exception.
    Marshall Rogers may be my favorite Batman artist; at any rate he ranks quite high on my list. Your images show why. Take that image above, third from the bottom. Love the visual contrast between the rough, sketchy marker-rendered background buildings and the sharp, detailed figure of the Bat. Magnificent.

    Oh, that Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers era on "Detective Comics" was, although brief, stellar. And speaking of which, have you read the story they did years later, not long before Rogers' untimely passing? A six-part miniseries entitled "Batman: Dark Detective". It made for a pretty satisfying reunion of a great creative team...


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