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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Carl Barks and Don Rosa - Duck You Duck!

How do you like your ducks? I'll admit to never having many comics with anthropomorphic animals. Big lover of Disney cartoons, however... and since we got away from the heroes and barbarians a few weeks ago with our tour of Bone #1, why not soften things again today? Thanks to the owners of the various pieces on display today - I appreciate their willingness to make their treasures available on the World Wide Web.

These first five samples are from Carl Barks:

And the final five images are by another artist forever linked to the Ducks - Don Rosa:


  1. As noted in that review I wrote for a Donald Duck comic back at your old digs, I've always been really fond of the Disney ducks in comics (more so than in cartoons). And you've got samples from the two master Duck artists here: Barks, of course, set the standard for every other Duck artist, while Rosa adds a little of the underground/indie style to the mix.
    Great post.


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