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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Guest Writer - Comics Are Better Than Candy!

We have a treat for you today, friends. Longtime contributor to the Bronze Age Babies, PFGavigan, is back with his first post for this space. Readers have long loved his prowess with online editing tools, in addition to his skill as an artist in his own right. Today he's along to share some memories from Halloween 2018, featuring (of course) comics. So buckle in and enjoy, and leave him a comment at the bottom. Thanks in advance for your participation on PFG's wonderful efforts today! -Doug


  1. Yeah, at the risk of being stuffed into a mailbox myself, I'm thinking I wouldn't have given away any of those comics you highlighted to trick-or-treaters unless they were duplicates.
    Nice work, PFG!

  2. That is exactly what I was thinking, Edo!

    PFG, where does one purchase such an awesome grab bag? I think the whole idea is really cool, by the way.


  3. Yeah, if you really were giving those away, I'd have showed up early to get the Moon Knights! Cool comic, PFG.

    1. Mike, that those Moon Knights contain the Hulk magazine backups is cool beyond belief. Although much (most?) of the 1970s Marvel mags are now reprinted as nice collections, there's still an air of mystery, of the unknown to me. I mean, I have just about all that is currently available. But I'm always overwhelmed with a sense of "Why didn't I get this stuff 40 years ago??"


  4. Hiya,

    First, for Doug.

    The amazing thing is I barely touched upon the amount of Bronze Age material that was in the shipment. There was a lot of Marvel Premier, Alpha Flight, Web of Spiderman and Marvel Fanfare. I had to limit myself to the ones that I could easily find artwork for and, as just a personal reference device, I use Shooter's departure point from Marvel as the end of the Bronze Age.

    As a point of clarification I should add that this is the stuff I'll be handing out THIS year and Doug, I live about seventy miles due west of you. The sad thing is that I hand this out at my mothers house and she lives a further seventy miles further off.

    I took over the candy thing at my mom's place when she didn't get the connection between her handing out lemon suckers and her house and trees getting TPed every year.

    Last year I ordered a comic shipment that included 'fantasy' titles. When I went through these and saw what some of these creators 'fantasies' were like I had to separate out those titles and given these to several individuals who were ((legally if not mentally)) old enough for them .

    As to the more modern material contained in the shipment, well I don't want to sound like the old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn, but damn, we had it good.

    I gotta run, there's a cloud in the sky that I need to yell at.



  5. Great job, PFG! A Halloween treat in March. Gotta love that. And no doubt your spooky visitors loved their treasures. That's a terrific idea. I've seen bundles of mini comics packaged as Halloween giveaways, but you've taken it further. Very cool. And again, excellent bit of artistic storytelling.


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