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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez: We're All Thankful for the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide!

The 1982 DC Comics Style Guide was such a monster, I had to split it into three posts to enjoy all that goodness. And I've only shown you the black and white side of things. All of these (and more) were also in color, and all were rendered by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. I hope you've enjoyed our previous forays - and if you missed 'em, then by all means make up for lost time!

And come right back on Monday for the conclusion of my year-long series of reviews of Art Spiegelman's Maus.







  1. Hiya,

    A great talent certainly and one whom I thoroughly respect, but I do have a question.

    Did he ever work on any horror comics? Did his work ever appear in House of Mysteries/Secrets? He's got such a bold, clear line that it seems unlikely, but I would have really enjoyed the opportunity to peruse his work in other venues than the ones I most associate him with.

    I would have really loved to have seen his rendering of Vampirella, in a non salacious way, of course.



    1. JLGL (PBHN) did some horror (or horrisih) shorts for Charlton (Ghostly Stories) in 1970 and Gold Key (Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, Grimm's Ghost Stories) in the mid-1970s.
      If you stretch your definition of horror, you could include Howard Chaykin's Twilight in that list.


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