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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Credit Where Credit is Due

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I am joining you specially today to right a wrong from a few months ago. If you'll recall, last June 20 I wished myself a happy birthday by posting some favorite sketches from across the Interwebs. I found this on an image search for Neal Adams and Batman, and tossed it into the post right away. Killer sketch, no? However, I had forgotten that a few months prior I had actually seen the image over at Dan Greenfield's 13th Dimension blog. Dan and I were in conversation this morning, and he'd seen that I'd retweeted the image from the Black & White and Bronze account. Hey, something this awesome needs to be shared more than once! Dan asked if I'd be kind enough to credit his ownership. You bet I would - while I secretly covet the piece from afar!

Do click over to Dan's original post - it's a great read, and I think you'll feel his joy in obtaining this wonderful work of art.

And come back to this space on Thursday, when we'll check in on some macabre men as rendered by Bernie Wrightson. October wouldn't feel complete without Bernie!

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