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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Claws versus Talons, in the Savage Land Sky!

Feast your eyes on this, kids! Lifted from the fine collectors at Comic Art Fans, this is pages 2 and 3 from the Uncanny X-Men #115. The art team is of course John Byrne and Terry Austin.

Could these creators (Chris Claremont included) do anything wrong? About a year ago I read the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus, volume 1. Like an out-of-control train, that title kept gaining momentum. It was great during the Dave Cockrum years, but who would have foreseen the accelaration that would come once John Byrne and Terry Austin teamed with Claremont. One fantastic adventure followed another. Great times!


  1. Can't argue with anything you said about that run of X-men issues. I've written before about head-over-heels I fell in love with the title as soon as I picked up X-men #120. It was definitely was one of the high points of comics in that era, and it holds up quite well: the last time I read it all the way through was about 5 years ago in the - relevant to this site - b&w Essentials volumes (1-2). The Byrne/Austin art in particular looks as spectacular in black & white as it does in color. (Even so, I've since upgraded to the color format as reprinted in the Panini digests.)

  2. I re-read the "All New, All Different" stories recently too and was glad they "held up" nicely after 40 years. With one exception:The business of the X-men being "dead" and the team believing Beast and Phoenix were dead.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. I came across this 2-page spread and knew I was going to post it. It's just beautiful.

    And you're both right about the early years of the All-New X-Men - I never grow tired of re-reading those stories.


  4. It is just so great! That run invigorated comics for years.

  5. The whole Savage Land story was an exciting shift for the series. And the art looks just as good to me today as it did then.


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